April 2015 - A Shameful Secret & A New Faith Adventure


At age 16 I became pregnant and had an abortion. I never thought I would be one of "those girls."

Only my immediate family knew about my abortion. I thought I had moved on, but had not dealt with the spiritual or emotional consequences of my actions. When I gave my heart to Jesus two years later, I found forgiveness for my sins    even the secret one. Years later, I joined a post-abortion Bible study. However, the sting of shame never left. Consequently, there was no transparency in my life, and I compensated for shame by driving myself toward perfection.

Life is like a house of many rooms with the room of purity full of precious and fragile crystal. A woman guards these treasures until the day she is married. Instead of guarding them, I had allowed my treasures to be shattered through godlessness, promiscuity, premarital sex, and abortion. Connecting with consequences of these things occurred when I became a Christian. When I realized what I had done, however, I locked the door to that room of purity. Even though I never thought or talked about it, my shame was overpowering.

Robbie.pngThe year 2012 marked the year of my deliverance. Jim Anderson came to conduct our church's first Unmasked conference. I was wrecked inside, certain Jim was able to read the shame on my face. I could barely look him in the eye. Following the last session, I knew I needed ministry. As I shared my story with Jim, the judgment I expected was not there    only compassion and concern. As he prayed for me, I was immediately impacted by the Holy Spirit and released from the bondage of shame! I am now able to testify about the grace and love of God. I recently shared my abortion testimony with the women in my church unashamedly!

Jeff and Robie Ecklund pastor House of the Lord Church in Oldtown, Idaho. They have hosted many Unmasked conferences at their church and have seen numerous people set free from the shame of their sexual pasts.

A New Faith Adventure


We at Lifeline Ministries are on a new faith-adventure as we seek the funding needed to bring Jason Cisco on full-time staff. As director of development and marketing, Jason will work to sow the Unmasked message into the world in a greater way. As he says it, “God has used this ministry to impact thousands of lives, including our own."

Melissa and I have a story of redemption. We began married life as two very broken individuals with many destructive hurts and habits. We continued doing the same things over and over again expecting different results—the definition of insanity. Finally, coming to the end of ourselves, we found God’s truth and the redemptive power of the cross.

Jim’s Principles of Original Design have changed and impacted both of our lives:

Women are designed...

  • for safety, security, permanence, and commitment.
  • to be loved for who they are as a person, not what they can give a man sexually.
  • to be primarily relational and secondarily sexual through the covenant of marriage.

Men are designed...

  • to love their wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her (Ephesians 5:25).
  • to do what is right instead of what is easy, therefore being able to look in the mirror and see someone they respect.
  • to be protectors, not predators—never bound to their lower nature.

Over the past several years, we have shared with countless teens, young adults, and married couples that if God changed our broken lives, He can change their lives also.”

As a friend of Lifeline, you are reading this letter offering you the opportunity to partner with us in the expansion of this ministry over the next 20 years. If you have already given or pledged support, we thank you! If not, you can go to our donation page here to make a one-time donation or pledge monthly support. We look forward to all God is going to do in the coming years!

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