December 2013 - Message of Purity


In this first issue of Lifeline News, we want to introduce you to newlyweds Keenan and Becky Ebanks.

Becky initially heard our message of sexual purity as a first-year student in Generational Leadership in Maple Valley, Washington, in 2009. Since, she has actively promoted the message, most recently at her church in Victoria, British Columbia. Becky shares the following about how her life was impacted: "Jim's teaching transformed the way I thought about my self worth as a daughter of the King. It helped me recognize the enemy’s plan to steal from our generation with a false sexual identity. As the light turned on in my heart, I started getting a vision for my own purity and the purity that was to be part of the relationship with my future husband. When Keenan came into my life, right away he saw my passion for purity.

He began to understand what it means to cherish and protect a daughter’s heart. Because of Jim’s teaching and the teaching I received at Generational Leadership, we were able to walk into marriage with sexual purity. As a result, God has enormously blessed our relationship. We feel confident and secure in our love for one another, bearing no scars or shame from secret sexual sin.

This reward will carry on through our life and be passed down to our children. Our first baby is due in July 2014! Lisa’s book Are All Those Children Yours? played a part in our decision to trust God with our family. By presenting God’s truth, she challenged my thinking regarding the issue of children and helped me recognize the lies of the culture that contradict God’s Word in this area. I came to realize that children are a blessing from God and a gift to be gladly received from Him.”

We bless Keenan and Becky’s marriage and their new baby! Our passion at Lifeline is to continue to sow the message of moral purity into the next generation so that many, many more couples can experience blessed marriages and families.

I Support Lifeline Ministries Because It Changed My Life by Kara Flerchinger

While I was a student in a discipleship program called the Master’s Commission, Jim Anderson ministered to our class for several days. I came into the program as a very broken individual. In trying to cope with a dysfunctional home-life, I became sexually active at an early age. I moved from one relationship to another, struggling with eating disorders, drug addiction, and self-mutilation to try to numb my pain. As a teen, I had almost been successful in taking my own life—but for the grace of God!

I was radically apprehended by the Lord in 2004 and joined MC in the hopes of finding real wholeness and purpose for my life. While there, however, I was still consumed by shame over my sexual past and the seemingly irreparable damage it had caused in my life. The message Jim brought to our class—God’s true design for men and women, the heart of a daughter, and freedom from sexual sin— forever changed my life. A veil lifted off my eyes and all the lies about sexuality I had bought into over the years were exposed. But, it was experiencing the true, pure love of a father through Jim that marked me in a way words can hardly express. Having had an absent father growing up, I’d never really experienced a father’s love before. At the end of his ministry time, I felt like a brand new person, clean and whole, untainted by my past. I now support Lifeline Ministries on a monthly basis because I know I would not be here today without the truth and healing it brought to me. The father’s heart and the message the Lord has placed in Pastor Jim is vital in this day and age and can mean the difference between life and death for one who is broken. I am so very grateful for its impact in my life and look forward to seeing many more lives set free and healed by this ministry.

Sowing Good Seed Into Good Soil by Pastors Craig and Monie Lotze

December-20133.gifAs Jim and Lisa’s senior pastors, we heartily endorse Lifeline Ministries as good soil into which to sow financial seed. We have sup- ported their ministry personally and as a church for many years. Their message is desperately needed to counter the prevailing sexual message of the world that is destroying our culture and many marriages.

Jim and Lisa’s integrity and godly character protect the investment made in their ministry by living lives that represent Christ well. They not only preach about spiritual fathering and mothering, but they live it and generously invest their time, energy, and resources into the generations, carrying themselves with humility, grace, and love. They have a unique ability to work not only with leaders but also with those who have been broken by life. Time and time again we have seen their love and wisdom minister to people in need, releasing value and hope to them. Compelled by the love of God, their desire is to see awakening and reformation across generational, denominational, and cultural lines so that in all things Jesus is proclaimed as the saving and restoring hope for all people.

Lifeline Ministries is truly a gift, not just to the church, but to the world. It is our honor to support them.

Senior Pastors Craig and Monie Lotze
Victory Faith, Spokane, Washington

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