Hail Canada...

Honoring Canadian Pastors

Canada has proven to be very fertile ground in which to sow our message. Two churches, in particular, have thrown open their doors to us over the years. Pastors Mitch and Bonnie Borrows have welcomed our message into HillCity Church of Abbotsford, BC, for the last 12 years. Similarly, Pastors Lorne and Linda Lueck of CityLife Church in Chilliwack, BC, have invited us to minister for 17 years. Not only have they opened their pulpits to us, but we have also been asked to minister to their men, women, young adults, youth, recovery groups, discipleship schools, and Christian school (CityLife Church.) The result has been that our message has been leavened into their whole church body.

When asked to explain why they have invited us to minister year after year after year, here are their responses:

Pastor Mitch & Bonnie Borrows of HillCity Church

“We have Jim back every year because he clearly articulates a powerful message of freedom to men and women of all ages about their identity and sexuality. More significantly, I love the message he bears because it’s easy to understand and is a ‘now message’ that society needs in order to be free from sexual exploitation. Unmasked has become a message that we ourselves carry as leaders and propagate throughout our congregation to help people in all walks of life. We’re seeing people’s lives changed because of it.”

Pastor Lorne & Linda Lueck of CityLife Church

“We’ve had Jim minister over and over again because we’ve seen first-hand the impact God has had in our youth and young adults after hearing his message. The Unmasked message challenges the norm set by today’s culture and presents a life-changing alternative that has helped bring healing and restoration to individuals, couples, and families in our church. This stand for purity has equipped us with tools we can use to build strong and healthy relationships that are free from shame. Pastor Jim’s message has encouraged our church to see God’s design not only for sons and daughters, but also for fathers and mothers who can work to help protect the next generation.

Give Honor Where Honor is Due

We honor these two leadership couples for faithfully addressing the need in their congregations for truth and healing in the sexual arena. Much good fruit has come in the lives of their people because of their commitment to do so. Not too long ago, Pastors Mitch and Bonnie openly shared about their own sexual pasts with their congregation. We know from experience that when leaders share vulnerably, it makes it easier for others to open up about their pasts and receive healing. Thank you for taking that courageous step!

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