October 2014 - Young Lions


We were privileged to recently meet with young leaders who are actively seeking to implement our message as they work to reach the next generation for Christ. Let us introduce you to a few of them...

Josh.gifAccording to Stanford University’s Sexual Health Peer Resource Center, 1 in 4 college students have a sexually transmitted disease. This epidemic is sweeping high school and college campuses because my generation is caught up in a sexual frenzy. We desperately need an abstinence movement. But we need more than the typical abstinence message — we need a message of “prohibition with revelation.” (from Jim Anderson’s book Unmasked) Movies, TV shows, and advertisements tell us that life is all about getting as much sex as possible. I couldn’t even escape the onslaught at the gas station! The mini TV screen at the pump was touting a new show about the glamorous lifestyle of a guy sleeping around with woman after woman. Media’s message is, “Sex! Sex! And more sex!”

We need voices that trumpet these consequences of our culture’s reckless message of sexuality: shame, broken hearts, broken dreams, loss of dignity and self-worth, abortion, divorce, deep pain and regret, depression, cutting, suicidal thoughts, single mothers raising children, fatherless children, sexually transmitted diseases, etc, etc. People also need to know the blessings of purity and abstinence.

Jim, you are a prophetic voice into my generation! We need your message. Don't back down and don't be discouraged. Keep spreading the antidote that will destroy the virus of this generation's sexual deception.

Josh Lindquist
Director of Generation Revival
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phil.gifI met Jim Anderson in Los Angeles where he and I were both speaking at a conference. I was conflicted by his message when I first heard it because he focused so much on the women. However, when I looked over at my girlfriend (who is now my wife) and she and the other girls were weeping, I leaned in and thought, “I better pay attention.” Then God started wrecking me. I was molested when I was 9 by a 12-year old guy. Jim’s message created a space for this abuse to come into the light, for revelation and understanding to hit it, and to bring freedom to me.

His message has created space for a lot people to release really hidden issues. In the urban culture in which we minister, 39 out of 50 of our young people have been molested by a relative. Sexual issues are prominent in the lives of people we are reaching.

Jim’s message is a missing pillar in our discipleship of people. Prior to this, intercession and evangelism were pillars. Without the addition of the inner healing pillar—which for the younger generation means sexual healing—you’re only raising up slaves in the church who become “doers” and “functioners.” This message needs to be an integral part of our ministries if we’re to see people become true disciples. Sexuality is the issue of the day!

Phillip Muela
Director of East Bay Master’s Commission
Hayward, California

Adam.gifAs I read the first chapter of Jim Anderson’s book Unmasked, God showed me that his message is the missing link in our arsenal of weapons for discipleship. We are now implementing his message in our school and church.

One of the obstacles we had faced in our community was a silent phobia of ever speaking about sexuality in a mixed-group setting of guys and girls. Jim came and blew that up because he came as a dad speaking about sexuality.

The spirit of a father is able to bind up the wounds of sons and daughters in a way that a 30-year-old leader cannot. The sons in the room who were addicted to pornography needed to see the broken daughters weeping their guts out as they were set free from sexual shame. Young men became men and got set free by having a revelation of their sisters’ brokenness and the war on their lives. Seeing all that released me to attack this issue and go after the sexual brokenness of this generation.

Adam Narciso
Director of Catalyst Training School
Tacoma, Washington


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