"The Truth Sets People Free"

"The Truth Sets People Free" - Read below how God used Lifeline Ministries to set one life free!

"The Truth Sets People Free"

I grew up with two brothers. My dad had no idea how to treat a daughter as he came from a lineage of boys. Since my dad didn’t meet my needs for love, I looked for attention from men. I did what the culture says: "Give your body to get love."

My grandma took us to church, so I knew that keeping my virginity was important. However, when I was 17, I drank too much, passed out, and was raped. I fell into a lifestyle of drinking, promiscuity, and abusive relationships, ending up with two sexually transmitted diseases. I thought I would never deserve a good man, deserved the hell I was in, and that no one could ever truly love me.

Then I found out I was pregnant. I tried to make it work with the baby’s father, but finally decided I could not put a child through the hellish lifestyle I was experiencing. For the good of my son, I decided to leave.

Immersing myself in the church, I gained more confidence and received some healing, but I was still broken. I continued giving my body to get the love I needed by dating a Christian man—a relationship of not crossing “that line” and seeing how far we could go and still be Christians.

Then I heard Jim Anderson's message. I was captivated as he uncovered the lies the enemy had been speaking to me for most of my life. I learned about God’s true design for men and women. After prayer that day, the haunting sadness in my heart lifted and hope was restored to my heart. I listened to Jim and Lisa's teachings in my car every day for over a year, read their books, and watched their Unmasked conference DVDs. I have now been healed of shame and depression, and one of my STDs is even gone.

Seven years ago God sent me my son Bryce and began pulling my life out of the pit. I am still a single mom, but had no idea I could feel so loved and cared for by Jesus. Now serving as the children's ministry leader in my church, I hope to share truth with the next generation so they can be spared the brokenness I experienced.

The Andersons’ messages have changed my life and brought me back to my original design as a woman of God. I am healed, whole, and restored! I personally know my Father, Lover, Counselor, and Friend in heaven. He is with me and will meet our needs in the future.--Jodi Ochs

God has been incredibly faithful over the past 25 years to meet our needs and help us sow His message of truth, healing, and restoration to many nations. We want to faithfully continue to sow this message and ensure its expansion in the future. We are asking you to consider joining us in sowing the Unmasked message in greater and more dynamic ways.

If you live in the Inland NW, we would be honored to have you join us for our inaugural Fall Fundraising Dessert at 7 PM on November 9th at 2024 N. Argonne. Come hear the heart of our message first-hand from Pastor Jim and team. Thousands of lives have been impacted and healed. Visit www.lifeline-ministries.org for more information or click on the above photo to get your ticket today!
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