Testimonies from Ukraine

Testimonies from Ukraine... This March 4th & 5th: Unmasked Conference in Spokane! Who are you bringing?

Testimonies from Ukraine…

Jim and Jason recently had the privilege of ministering in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, and wanted to share a couple of the amazing testimonies from this most recent trip.

Valentina’s Story…

The Lord woke me up at 4 am, and I knew He wanted me to pray for my heart to be fully prepared for the Saturday service. I knew He wanted to perform something great inside of me. Later that day I didn’t go to the church—I nearly ran.

Worship was amazing, and when the pastor announced a guest speaker, Jim Anderson, I said to God, “Lord, whatever you are about to share through your minister, please speak right to my heart. You know what I need. Father, I want to get revelation and healing directly from You today. Please help me understand and receive all of Your grace.”
When Pastor Jim started speaking about a daughter’s heart, shame, accusation, betrayal, and pressure from the world, it was like living water and balm on the wounds of my heart. I realized my Father wanted to cleanse, heal, and restore my heart and soul that day.

Tears running down my cheeks, it was hard for me to even stand on my feet. But I just kept receiving, with thanks, everything from the Lord. I looked around at people in the church and noticed that many were silent and even shocked by teaching on sexuality. However, I hope each and every one received healing from the One True Healer that day.

As a child I grew up without proper parenting, so learning about sexuality was my own business. When I was twelve I crashed and burned with my first love and then decided to fill the gap through casual relationships. The fall of the Soviet Union and the following sexual revolution, together with drugs, contributed to my dreadful condition.

When I was baptized in 1995, God freed me from drug addiction, but I was still plagued by sexual addictions. When I got married, I didn’t know how to build a healthy sexual relationship. Moreover, this topic is not a popular one to speak about among ministers. I ended up getting divorced after almost 14 years of marriage.

When I started attending Genesis restoration courses, true changes began in my life. Furthermore, since reading Jim Anderson’s book Unmasked, my relationships with the opposite sex have totally changed. The lust and fantasies are gone. Now I look at women as daughters of the Heavenly Father. Every morning I thank God for Olga (my wife and I have been restored) and all the good traits He has given her. I look at other women as heavenly princesses without lust. Jim taught about Mordecai raising Esther as a daughter. I started following his example by leading women to receive Esther’s dignity. Mine is a testimony of sexual transformation for which I am very thankful.

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