Training Our Sons...

Training Our Sons (Part 1)...

Bryan and Bonnie Pue are the parents of five wonderful sons, including firstborn twins. They are actively sowing the message of sexual purity and restoration into HillCity Church in Abbotsford, British Columbia, under the faithful leadership of Pastor Mitch and Bonnie Burrows. They are also doing an amazing job of training their young sons about sexuality and becoming pure men of God. Following are some keys they are implementing in the training process:

1. Always Affirm Your Son’s Gender: Right from infancy we started affirming their male design: “There's my boy.” “God made you a boy on purpose.” “He loves that you are a boy!”

2. Handling Curiosity About Private Parts: As soon as the boys showed curiosity about their private parts (by age two), we specified, "Yes, God gave you your private, special parts. It's a good thing." Without putting shame on their design, we teach them to guard and not share this part casually.

3. Teach About the False gods and High Places: By ages three and four we started familiarizing them with Bible stories about the false gods and how godly men (like Gideon) tore down the high places of false-god worship. We taught them that Asherah (the sex goddess) tricked people into thinking that “outside pretty” was more important than “inside pretty.” They learned that Baal was the false god that separated children from their families, in direct opposition to God’s plan that keeps families together. (Baal worship required child sacrifice.)

4. Utilize the Unmasked Image: We keep the Unmasked book image on our fridge and explain that girls often pretend they are okay, even though their hearts have been really hurt. Bryan often talks to the boys about "taking care of mommy's heart"—that men’s job is to protect the women in their lives. He reminds them to help me carry things (unloading groceries), open doors, and speak encouragement to me.

5. Teach About Original Design: Using Jim’s “original design” terminology, we teach the following:  men were created to do what is right, not what is easy; there is a difference between "inside pretty” and “outside pretty" / "inside strong” and “outside strong”; men were made to use their strength to be protectors of women, not predators. On a couple of occasions, one of the boys has tattled on his brother by saying, "Mom, he's not doing what is right! He's doing what is easy!" They are getting it!

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