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Unmasked Testimonies

"I just read through the first chapter of Unmasked. I don't think I’ve been more impacted by any other book—and I still have 12 chapters left to read! I underlined almost the whole chapter. I sent a copy to my family back home to read and pass around. What a blessing you and your family are to this generation!"

"Jim does not hesitate to confront the sexual gods of this age in an effort to tear down their strongholds. Using personal stories, fresh revelation from God, and testimonies from people whose lives have been touched by immoral sexual experiences, Unmasked exposes the lies that have been told to a generation—a generation that is dying to know the truth about who they were created to be."

"As I read Unmasked and the forthright descriptions of the sexual issues we are facing in society, I couldn't help but think, This just makes so much sense! My next thought was, Why aren't more people being honest about this?"

"I am in my mid-20s and just read Unmasked for the first time. It was life changing! It opened my eyes to recognize what is happening in our culture. It also helped me work out some of the feelings I had buried but never unearthed before. I am currently pregnant with a daughter of my own. Unmasked gives me more confidence that my husband and I can raise her and help her avoid some of the "cultural sexual assault" we experienced while growing up."

"Although I've enjoyed a lot of books in my lifetime and don't normally write book reviews, I felt compelled to write one for Unmasked. If you only read one book besides the Bible, I would recommend this one. I want to buy everyone I know a copy! If you want to know God's heart on abortion, sex, and purity, read this book!"

"Unmasked is a “must read” for every father, young man, and young woman! I couldn't put it down. If you're like me and have read a lot of Christian books, you usually make it halfway through and never finish. Not the case with Unmasked! This is a cover-to-cover read. With the flip of each page, I received fresh and life-altering revelation and healing. Jim identifies the root causes of abortion, immorality, and dysfunctional relationships between men and women. Unmasked is written from the perspective of a father whose vision and heart for the next generation is the mirror-image of our heavenly Father's heart. Jim communicates in such a creative way. He makes Scripture applicable to our culture today and uses real-life stories and testimonies that will cause any reader to relate to his convicting message. If your heart is to see a culture reformed, then this book is for you. Unmasked will change your life. Buy it. Read it. Be healed. Recommend it. Live it. Before we know it, we will see a culture transformed, walking in purity and truth."

"Unmasked is the most profoundly life-changing book I have ever read. I couldn't put it down. It is rare to have truth revealed in such clarity and boldness. To young people: this book will give you wisdom beyond your years and potentially save you from an ugly, head-on collision with the sexual assault in our world today. To parents, teachers, and leaders: this book will propel you forward in your understanding of the issue, the importance of fathers, and the need to give young people the strength to stand in purity. It is a well-thought-out guide to teaching the area of sexuality with any target group. The question is not: Should I read Unmasked? The question is: How soon can I read it?"

"Wow! Talk about awareness!. Thank you, God, for this answer to prayer that will begin a revolution in America and around the world. Uncovering the enemy and blowing him away is always exciting! Thank you, Jim. You are right on target!"

"The Unmasked message has transformed my life. I used to be caught in shame and guilt from my indulgence in a sexual culture. Now I have the truth, and it has set me free. We need a generation of young people to grab hold of the truth in this book, and we need a generation of parents and leaders to help us get free."

"Unmasked is amazing! Whether you are a girl or a guy, it will change your life. So much research and revelation from the Lord has gone into this book. These truths are the keys to changing our culture, beginning with our own hearts. I recommend this book to everyone. Get one for yourself, and then get some for your friends."

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